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Tea Forté Warming Joy Singles



22,00 €


Tea Forté Warming Joy Singles - 15 pouches

The perfect measure for the perfect cup™
The Singles Box contains 15 pouches, 3 for each of the following 5 blends:

  • Winter Chai (gourmet blend of Rooibos, exotic Cardamom, and sweetly fragrant Vanilla) - caffeine-free
  • Harvest Apple Spice (orchard-ripe fruit and Berries infused with warm baking spices.) - caffeine-free
  • Raspberry Ganache - a fruit-forward blend with sweet Chocolate and juicy Raspberry - black tea
  • Sweet Orange Spice (a warming, fruity, aromatic classic for the holidays and beyond - Orange Cinnamon Flavor) - black tea
  • Cherry Marzipan (ripe Cherries with the taste of Almond.) - green tea
Easy to use, pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea. Steeping delicious and exceptional tea is as simple as opening the pre-portioned pouch of tea, emptying the contents into a personal teapot or infusing basket, and pouring the water over the leaves to steep the perfect cup or single pot of tea.
The packaging is well-finished and contains blends with "winter" aromas.

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