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Tea Forté WELLBEING - 15 Singles



19,00 €


Tea Forté Collection WELLBEING Bio - 15 Singles

Relax, restore and revitalize the mind and body with this wellness-focused tea collection, inspired by the elegance and holistic knowledge of fine luxury spas.
Organic green tea blends and herbal tisanes come together to support a calm state of mind, glowing complexion, enlivened spirit, fortified defense and purified sense of calm.

The Wellbeing Singles Box contains 15 pouches, 3 for each of the following 5 blends:

DEFENSE (green tea) : A defense-strengthening blend featuring echinacea, ginger and elderberry
Flavor: Sweet rose with underlying notes of warming spice. Spicy-ginger at the finish with berry undertones.
Aroma: Sweet, fruity rose with notes of ginger
Ingredients: green tea,
ginger, licorice root, beetroot, lemongrass, lemon balm, echinacea, elderberry, rose petals
Few things are as important to overall wellness as strengthening natural defenses, and what could be more beautiful than a daily tea ritual to build up our defenses? Tea Forté Defense supports the body’s ability to protect itself with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory blend of echinacea, ginger and elderberry while delighting your palate.Thanks to its abundance of antioxidants, a daily cup of this organic green tea strengthens your natural defenses while delighting your palate.

INVIGORATE (green tea) : An energizing, full-bodied blend with beetroot, ginger, ginseng and matcha powder
Flavor: Red berry with spicy ginger and notes of beetroot and ginseng
Aroma: Sweet berries with green and spicy undertone
Ingredients: green tea, ginger, apple pieces, beetroot, licorice root, elderberry, matcha green tea, raspberry, ginseng root
In a hectic world, we seek sources of energy that work in harmony with the body’s nervous system. Tea Forté Invigorate recharges both body and mind with an enlivening blend of green tea, ginseng, ginger, beetroot and a dusting of matcha powder. This full-bodied blend contains a natural dose of L-Theanine, a gentle alternative to coffee known for delivering a balanced sense of focus.

(herbal tea) : A mellow yet juicy citrus-forward blend with purifying mate and dandelion root

Flavor: Citrus notes with a light sweetness, spice, and lightly minty fennel.
Aroma: Pleasant citrus with mellow and herby mint
Ingredients:rosehip seeds, green yerba mate, ginger, rooibos, fennel, spearmint, licorice root, cinnamon, hibiscus, nettle leaves, chamomile, cardamom seed
From culinary indulgences to environmental factors, the digestive system can be subjected to a great deal of stress. To support the body’s ability to purify itself, Tea Forté's Purify offers a blend of yerba mate, dandelion root, fennel, and ginger, resulting in a mellow herbal tisane to aid digestion and gently assist the liver. Perfect on its own or as an after-dinner drink, it’s a pleasant elixir ideal for incorporating into a health-forward nutritional routine.

RADIANCE (herbal tea) : A fruit-forward, complexion-friendly blend with rosemary and citrus
Flavor: Ripe citrus notes with mouthwatering grapefruit and orange with light notes of rosemary and nettle
Aroma: Sweet juicy notes of citrus with rosemary, nettle and rose
Ingredients: apple pieces,
carrot, hibiscus, rosemary, nettle leaves, rose petals, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lemon peel, orange oil
Known for their protective qualities, antioxidants are nature’s first line of defense against free radicals, which can damage the skin. Tea Forté Radiance blends powerful antioxidant-rich berries and citrus fruits with calming rosemary to encourage a natural glow. The most holistic skincare routines support the whole body, promoting a radiant complexion from within and pampering the palate along the way

(herbal tea) : A calming mint blend with hints of lavender, lemony nettle and juniper berry

Flavor: Pleasing sweetness balanced with lemon and a light spearmint tingle
Aroma: Herbal with notes of nettle, lemon and juniper berry with light mint
Ingredients: lavender flower, nettle leaves, fennel, lemon balm, juniper berry, rosehip seeds, licorice root, spearmint, dandelion root, peppermint, rose petals
A calming herbal tisane has the ability to center the mind and soothe the spirit, inviting us into a state of blissful relaxation. Tea Forté Serenity brings together the crisp freshness of mint and lavender, balanced by hints of lemony nettle and juniper berry. Each sip builds on the one before it, imparting a sense of tranquility and repose as if surrounded by the environs of a luxury spa.


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