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Mountain Stream Teaducation August 2019

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Mountain Stream Teaducation August 2019

Sélection Mountain Stream (Matt Hopkins), Taiwan

Every box will contain:
- 50-60g of 3-4 different types of tea
- A monthly 'theme' for learning with teas chosen for a purpose like season, cultivar, processing style, age, etc.
- A detailed lesson and video with information about the chosen teas and what to look for when drinking them

Each month will have at least one unreleased tea that you can get nowhere else.
Information Cards for each tea and a monthly Youtube Video describing the tea, how best to drink them and what to look for with each one
A mystery tea each month to test out your tasting skills with answers included within the box.

The boxes are limited to only about 50 people !!!

-- Taiwanese Black Teas -- get ready for fall by comparing high and low elevation, ball rolled vs loose and different cultivars in a study of Taiwanese black teas

-- Terroir Study -- tentatively an Area of Nantou, either Alishan, Dong Ding, or Mingjian. Test various teas from he same area to pick out the subtle uniqueness of 'place' in tea.

-- Cultivar Study -- Jinxuan(Milk Oolong) or Taiwan's Newest Cultivars.

-- Taste Of Fall -- Freshly made Fall teas from all over Taiwan

-- What Makes An Oolong -- A study of different styles of processing oolong tea from lightly oxidized ball rolled to higher oxidized 'strip' oolongs

-- Winter time teas -- understanding the rich, cold weather teas that make this season so sought after in the tea market


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